A dream for every theatre

Allow your visitors to see exactly where they wil sit, and what they will see. Allow the artists to judge where to build their podium, or how to perform their show in the way, that visitors can get the best lines of sight, and create maximum impact, in sound, light, and all round 360 degrees experience.


Seatview is fully 3-Dimensional and allows every visitor, artist, and booking agency to see exactly what is possible in your theatre. Visitors will want to know what they will see and hear, when visiting. Artist will want to know how to create max impact and booking agencies will want to know what is possible in building the perfect setting for their artists. Moreover emergency support teams will want to know what the best entry and escape routes are. You will want to know what shows you can host, and what is needed to accommodate certain events? Make more of your real-estate investment, and make it real for everyone. Allow every webvisitor to see and measure your theater as if they were there. A dream come true for every theatre.

Impression of scanning in Theater De Enck, in Oirschot, August 2010.